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The Hire Ground

The Hire Ground
The Hire Ground
The Hire Ground
The Hire Ground

How will The Hire Ground help you find
a career?

In addition to presenting proven steps to finding and landing a fulfilling career, Bob also delivers the research to back it up. For instance, did you know that 80% of jobs are filled through networking? Bob's chapter on networking provides valuable advice on relationships and approaches you may have overlooked as part of your job search strategy.
The Hire Ground also offers recommendations on how to keep your job search organized, develop and perfect your personal brand, create a great resumé and cover letter, practice for the interview, dress for success, and follow up after the interview. Throughout The Hire Ground, Bob gives real-life examples and research exercises to point you in the right direction. There are also symbols in the book that indicate when online resources (such as job trackers and sample resumés) are available, which can be accessed directly from the resource section of this website! Click here to buy now.

The Hire Ground
Bob Kustka
The Hire Ground

What is the Author's Background?
Bob Kustka's experience as both a human resources consultant and career counselor has imparted him with unique insight into the decision-making hiring process. After working in senior HR management positions at The Gillette Company for 25 years, Bob is now the president of Fusion Factor, Inc. and the co-founder of Career Bound. Fusion Factor provides HR consulting services to Fortune 100 and mid-sized companies. Career Bound offers career coaching for students and graduates.

Whether you feel unprepared, worried or you simply need direction, The Hire Ground is the perfect book to jumpstart your career. Don't go through months or even years of frustration like so many graduates do. The Hire Ground is the solution to the uninspired job search, and will help you attain meaningful employment. It's time to hear those three magical words, "You are hired!" Order your copy today!

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