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The Hire Ground

The Hire Ground

Career Bound

The Hire Ground
The Hire Ground
The Hire Ground

There is no easy way to find and land the career of your dreams, but with hard work it is possible! With The Hire Ground's career exercises and eye-catching content, Bob will guide you every step of the way, from self-reflection to research, networking to organization, and execution to follow-up. Using Bob's Strategic Career Matrix™ you'll discover where your passions and your skills intersect.

The Hire Ground

"I owe my current job title and peace of mind to Bob Kustka and The Hire Ground. As a college senior, my stomach would turn over at the thought of trying to choose a career path. I had no idea where to start. A friend, who had worked personally with Bob, recommended I check out The Hire Ground. I was immediately drawn in by the unique layout and engaging style of delivery. Bob's unique process helped me get over my aversion to job searching and gave me invaluable career finding tools that I will keep with me for the rest of my professional life."
The Hire Ground
Acanthus Publishing, 2014
143 pages, softcover

The Hire Ground

Then, using his veteran career search expertise, you'll learn how to:

● Dig deep and find a career path that is right for you
● Write a great resumé and stand out from the clutter
● Network using both old-school mixed media and new-school social media

● Use tools such as Alumni databases and prof associations
● Set up "warm calls" with potential job leads and get results
● Prepare for trick interview questions and nail the 60-second elevator pitch

Whether you feel unprepared, worried or you simply need direction, The Hire Ground is the perfect book to jumpstart your career. Don't go through months or even years of frustration like so many graduates do. The Hire Ground is the solution to the uninspired job search, and will help you attain meaningful employment. It's time to hear those three magical words, "You are hired!" Order your copy today!

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